Presenting Strategies for Achieving Both Personal and World Peace

The Peace Agenda Summit:

Presenting Strategies for Achieving Both Personal and World Peace

September 21, 2019.

Are you disheartened by personal, interpersonal, and world conflicts? Does it seem as if your situation is irredeemable? Do you feel alone and dejected? Do you inspire positive fulfillment in people?  Is peace possible? Do you believe that you can live a peaceful life? Do you believe that conflicts should not be violent? Are you discouraged about many talks at conferences, without sustainable actions? Are you willing to achieve peace, and become an advocate of peace?

The Peace Agenda is a virtual summit for peace enthusiasts seeking personal peace, and how to foster a more peaceful, non-violent world. This epochal event will highlight peace affirmations, non-violent conflict resolution, mental wellness, the power of forgiveness, protection for peacebuilders, among other lofty objectives.

Charismatic speakers will expertly present strategies that can heal the world.

Registration for this free remarkable event is open here:

Here are The Peace Agenda Summit 2019 charismatic speakers:

*Ukpeme Akpan Okon — Ambassador for Peace, Barrister, award-winning author, Mediator, Speaker, Trailblazer, Initiator & Organizer of The Peace Agenda.

*Azim Khamisa — Founder and Chairperson of Tariq Khamisa Foundation, Award Winning Author, International Inspirational Speaker, TED Speaker, Peace Activist, Thought Leader, Leadership Consultant & Advisor.

*Steve Killelea — Chairman and Founder of The Charitable Foundation, Institute for Economics & Peace, Integrated Research Ltd.

*Robin Funsten — Mediator, Conflict Consultant, experienced Educator, Life Coach, Public Speaker, TEDx Speaker.

*Natalie Armstrong-Motin — Mediator, Arbitrator, Dispute Resolution Industry Marketing Consultant, Author, Sociologist, Psychologist, Executive Director of Marketing Solutions.

*Jacqueline Pirtle — Holistic Practitioner, Healing Arts Teacher and Mentor, Ambassador for Mindful Happiness, Author of the bestseller 365 Days of Happiness.

*Ozioma Izuora — Barrister, Arbitrator, Mediator, Educator, Gender Specialist, Award-Winning Writer, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Mediators & Advocates of Peace (LAMPAIX).

*Kelly Vandersluis Morgan, Ph.D., M.B.A. — Motivation Expert, Health Communicator, Health & Fitness Coach, Best-selling author of You, but Better!

*Joe Weston — International workshop facilitator, author, consultant, coach, and advocate for lasting peace. Founder of Respectful Confrontation.

*David Brown, Ph.D. — Executive Coach, President and CEO of DSB Leadership Group.

*Shirley P. Auguste, Ph.D. — Author, Educator, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach.

*Ruchi Singh— Professional Speaker, Content Creator, Mindset Coach, Change Maker.

*Durgamadhavi Mamidipalli — Business, Relationship & Spiritual coach | Yoga & Meditation Instructor |Motivational Speaker | Author.

*Kristina Darby — World Traveler, Author, Researcher, and Teacher of Self Healing.

*Connie Bowman — Author/Actress/VoiceOver/Producer/Yogi.

*Grace Charrier — Ambassador for Peace, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Cancer Survivor and Activist, Global Patient Advocate. Host, Cancer Convos with Grace B. (Youtube).
Moderator, Cancer Convos with Grace B. (Facebook).

*Ephraim Emah — Scholar and Peacebuilding Practitioner.

With thanks, regards, and profound peace.

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